Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a G. K Chesterton quote

"I never in my life said anything merely because I thought it funny; though, of course, I have had ordinary human vain-glory, and may have thought it funny because I had said it. It is one thing to describe an interview with a gorgon or a griffin, a creature who does not exist. It is another thing to discover that the rhinoceros does exist and then take pleasure in the fact that he looks as if he didn't."

from Chapter One-Introduction in Defence of Everything Else
from his book Orthodoxy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sporatic publishing can be debilitating to communication

So I am publishing that my wife and I are currently looking for a new fellowship of Christian believers.  Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, October 31, 2011

In the Cain thing on harassment

someone is not hearing.  Mostly what Herman Cain has said and intimated and intended to be understood is that while and as  long as people are vague and gemneral in their accusations he is not recollective of the obtuse inuendos to which they are referring. 

So, first we have Cain not hearing in defense.  A defense built in the snake bite and back biting  world of Big Business, and secondly the press is not hearing in the rabid world of political press paranoia of missing the scoop and the selective hearing that engenders, or perhaps just in downright mean press politics.

It is very possible, even probable that Cain the innocent would not have on his cuff a well crafted response to these allegations for the very reason it seems a non issue.  That he would consider the payment of a severance for termination of employment as just that and not a payoff for silence to an un-offended wannabe victim seems to fall right in line with the apparent facts of the case as we have tried to haear them so far...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a Review, as it were of Lee Strobel's 'The Case for the Real Jesus' beginning toward the last of the middle or somewhere

Chapter 5

Challenge #5

"Jesus was an Imposter who failed to fulfill the Messianic Prophecies"

WOW! Kudos to Michael L. Brown, PH.D.

more later

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Communication is by definition 2-way alternating speaking and hearing

Communication does not happen all at once in other than Divine encounters. So when one is intent upon making his or her point the ONLY valid concern, they err by not hearing what others in attempted communictaion with him or her are trying to say. To repeatedly speak toward a goal not understood either by disagreement or ignorance of that goal, is to be Demagogic by virtue of monologistic tendencies. While Jeremiah may have been so commissioned (by the Divine, I might add), we do live in America, a largely Christian nation, within the Southern front of the Ambassadorship to the world, and specifically amongst a congregational setting. Where is the congregational voice? When was it relinquished to the Demagogue, be it man or committee? What is a 'free church' anyway?

more later!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Night Church

The book I was reading is located in Daybreak Coffe Shop, to which I have not returned, so the review is on hiatus.

Something a bit more current I find in the Church bulletin which tells us many things that are open to participation, but one thing in particular catches my eye--that being the bold fonted note that church will not meet tonight. You know, I bet lot's of folks will now start to attend because they know we will not be there--not! If we are trying to grow a church spiritually it would seem to me that those of us committed to its growth would suck it up and find the resolve to attend church whenever we can, and especially on those days that people think, "Hey! It's a church night!". But we in our grand imagination of hipness have decided that it's just too much for people to attend, and since a major portion will not be attending, those who would attend must be Hollered at(visa vis the bold fontage) to be sure and not come in case someone who cannot attend at other times or has decided that they might attend now will nmot be encouraged to come back. WhaT RIDIDCULOUS LINE OF THINKING IS THIS?!